Kelly, Asia, Diamond, and Crystal have fallen for Shad, Chris, Tyga, and Mijo. 2 of the boys haven't told their girl they are deep in the streets. Will love be strong enough to get them out...


I just wanna make this quick.


I appreciate and love everybody who fucks with me and any of my fan-fictions! I don’t say it often but I mean that shit. Even if I don’t publish a book or even finish a story on here I love all y’all and the support you all give me is fucking amazing!

Stay blessed. Stay humble. 


- Nita

reneetweehcutee said: whats her name bc she is really pretty

Densie Vasi.

reneetweehcutee asked
whats Asia's real name

I have no idea tbh. A friend randomly picked her. I only know the name of the one who plays Kelly.

Anonymous asked
Happy B-day FA :)


reneetweehcutee asked
do have a characters page

No but all the main characters are on this picture:

Anonymous asked
Can I have the link to call me guilty?

I don’t have the link. It’s the sequel to another ff called Fatal Attraction.

tajesworld asked
call me guility is the other fatal attraction ff but its the sequel its as great as this ff

Oh okay. Thank you hun.

Anonymous asked
Is jazmine sullivan in this?


Anonymous asked
Is jazmine sullivan in fatal attraction? And I am hooked on cmg I need more!!!!!

No she isn’t. CMG? what is that?

tajesworld asked
idk u kinda started it back wierd

tajesworld asked
u just ended this story now u want ended again just make like 5-10 years in the future and there all happy those are always good ending

Yeah but that’s so cliché though.